About us


We believe that with Yookr we are able to make life easier for businesses

Why-simon-sinekBy integrating simplicity, openness and security into our vision and solution, we are able to build a fair eco-system with our partners and customers that brings value to everyone.


For SME businesses, the solution should be easy to use and easily scalable

Dashboard-voorbeeldYour production environment will be equipped with smart sensors that generate measurement information on the Yookr dashboard. With your knowledge, our expertise and these measurement data we are able to quickly produce new insights in the Yookr dashboard. 

These insights can be used to optimise your production processes, increase safety and reduce energy costs. Everything managed from the central dashboard or App on your smartphone. Even spanning multiple (production) locations.

By researching and combining measurement data, we jointly get additional insights and possibilities for preventive maintenance. For example, by measuring the temperature at several places within a greenhouse, glass damage can be detected proactively.

Whether you are busy with a new construction or an existing environment, with wireless sensors you can quickly get started without the need for expensive facilities.
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By integrating simplicity, openness and security into our vision and solution, we are able to build a fair eco-system with our partners and customers that brings value to everyone.

Who is Yookr

Each of the Co-Founders has its own inner drive to make Yookr a success. 

John van Helden - DARE to share

John van HeldenI believe in a world in which you share to become better, smarter, more innovative and more understanding. DARE to share, it shows your trust in one another. This way we can greatly reduce the number of rules.

How: Yookr makes it easy to openly en in confidence share data, making business processes more innovative and smarter.

What: Visionary, leader, challenger.




Marcel Steegh - Everything is about motion

Marcel SteeghI grew up in a gardener family between the tomatoes and the sheep. Graduated on professional audio, video & domotics in Eindhoven. After working for about 10 years in this industry, I entered the Telecom business. I was given the opportunity to participate in a market that was changing a lot. Organisational adjustment, and change of people & techniques were needed to survive, and in about 10 years, there was a transition of equipment on location to cloud services, from one-time invoices to monthly revenue, from product-oriented sales to solution-based consulting, from customer supplier relationship to partnership!

When I got the opportunity to sell my shares in 2014, the question that came up was: what now?

I looked back and realised that I get energy from movement! People, technology, sectors, organisations, nothing remains the same, only change is consistent factor. I saw opportunities in the field of IoT and (big) data analytics. I am pleased with the idea that these innovative techniques will create motion in all sectors.

When I heard from the Yookr initiative at the beginning of 2016, it was immediately clear to me that I wanted to be part of it! I therefore urge you to move with us. Go with the flow which is called Yookr!


John Geurts – "If you don't stand on the edge, you are taking too much space"

John GeurtsSkilled as a business economist I started a career in various financial positions at various companies. During the previous big crisis in the 1980s, I started at the big Philips company. I quickly broadened my knowledge in ICT, Marketing / Sales and Company Valuation. Experience gained from large multinationals and family businesses. I worked and (occasionally) lived abroad and stepped up from general management to entrepreneur. I soon realised that I'm perform best with family businesses and the (bigger) SME, where there is an entrepreneurial culture with focus on continuity and growth.

As an entrepreneur, I experience the everyday challenges of a company to be relevant. Most of the challenges and opportunities are coming now, which seriously begun two decades ago, from the increasing digitalisation. In order to take these opportunities to stay relevant, entrepreneurs need to quickly and boldly integrate these digital changes into their own business. As a business economist I like numbers and facts. The above is not only an opinion but also factually proven. Especially for the "pre-digital era dinosaurs" among us, waiting (too long) may be fatal.

I am convinced that the current flood of digital (disruptive) developments will provide a huge opportunity for further growth for especially family and SME businesses. I also know that, as an entrepreneur of such a company, it is a huge effort to have a detailed and clear view of how to transform these opportunities into new services for their own business in addition to the daily business.

The insights, tools, infrastructures and knowledge are now also available to SMEs and not just for the 'Corporates'. It's only missing out to know where to get the knowledge and how to start! The traditional service providers also do not know and they jump to the hype of the moment.

With Yookr, I can follow my passion to enable SMEs and Family businesses to take on these opportunities of increasing digitalisation. From product oriented to customer oriented, data oriented knowledge is added to businesses. But it's going faster, much quicker, and it will take courage to respond boldly, so I'm looking forward to using Yookr's "standing on the edge" together with the current and future opportunities.


Martin Aarts - Innovate with speed and power

Martin AartsAs an entrepreneur in the IT industry, I soon became aware of the changes that took place in the market. The knowledge of servers and workstations needed to change quickly to knowledge of Cloud services. IT service providers became more and more a Cloud services broker with the integration of these services as on of the major tasks.

The good thing about this was that you could faster add value to your customers' business processes. This made me excited because it was clear that you have to add value to your customers and not just serve as a kind of insurance to make sure it keeps running.

This enthusiasm convinced me that, as a company, we had to change faster to deliver added value to our customers. That change did not go quick enough, again it turned out that it's hard to change people. Actually, I was forced to work at half speed and that's not my cup of tea. That's why I finally took the step of leaving a well-running IT company I was co-owner of and focusing on a new challenge. The challenge had to be in a new area with which we would be able to help SMEs to advance. That was the start of Yookr, where with all co-founders together we have been able to put our passion in the Yookr product.

Yookr ensures that SMEs can innovate with the speed and power that had previously been reserved for large companies. And this at lower costs and less overhead, which will cause huge shifts in the market for SMEs.